Digital Campaign    |    Telemundo / NBCUniversal    |    Sep 2021
Passion for Tough Causes

The nature of this original Telemundo content sparked controversy from the start: on one hand, telling the story of a contradictory character, a protector of the innocent and poor, but also considered the saint of criminals; on the other hand, the challenge of presenting a novel format, the first period super series with top-notch locations and special effects.

The pre-launch campaign had to bring these elements together, connect the different sides of Malverde, and ultimately, embrace and understand the duality that exists in all of us.

NBC Universal / Telemundo / Malverde / Digital trailer

Two Sides of the Coin

To dive into the story of this complex character, we created a variety of pieces: outlaw, iconic, miraculous, passionate, dramatic, and mysterious. Everything was fair game to capture the different sides of one of the greatest Mexicans of the last 150 years.

Stage 1
Saint or Outlaw?
The Challenges We Love the Most

Malverde was a saint, a crook, robbed the rich to give to the poor, and had a special charm with the ladies. These different sides of him let us explore all kinds of creative and technical angles to tell his story, something we absolutely love and makes us enjoy these types of projects even more.

Interactive IG stories

Character introduction as "Robin Hood"

Disruptive IG promo

Who is Malverde?

We created various pieces to build the hype for the release of the first trailer of the series. While we had full confidence in our work, we won't deny that for a few days, the agency had a little altar in honor of the Patron Saint.

Stage 2
All About the Stories

Here's how we rolled out the series plot. The action genre and Malverde's original story gave us the perfect setup to mess around with editing and sound effects. The aim was to capture the raw intensity and depth of the story, and the wild passions and dramas driving each character.

NBC Universal / Telemundo / Malverde / Storyline promo

Stage 3
Last Days!

For the final stretch of the campaign, we put out a series of countdowns that cranked up the adrenaline and excitement before the premiere.

A Campaign Worthy of the Legend

The premiere of Malverde, El Santo Patrón on Telemundo pulled in over a million viewers, all ready to dive into this story that's both mythical and down-to-earth. It's a human tale we can all vibe with: fighting passionately for what we believe in.